Olfactomics webinar series

Webinar 1: How gas analytics can be applied in Li-Ion battery lifecycle

Presentation of the use cases of IonVision in energy storage. Including battery assembly, monitoring, re-use, recycling, raw materials and cell manufacturing.

Gas analytics in Li-Ion battery lifecycle

Our first webinar on the Gas analytics in Li-Ion battery lifecycle opened our series of webinars on the applications and background of state-of-the-art DMS technology. The participants of the first webinar discovered and learned about the following applications of DMS in the battery lifecycle:

  • Analysis of eluents in electrode manufacturing
  • Leakage testing in cell assembly
  • Monitoring batteries for early detection of thermal runaway
  • Detection of electrolyte leakages in re-use and recycling
  • Monitoring of thermal pre-treatment in recycling
If you missed the webinar and are interested learn about these topics, do not worry, you can always contact us! We are always happy to share our knowledge of DMS and its applications!