Medical VOC Analysis

Olfactomics Resect

A Novel solution for surgical margin assessment

Surgical margin assessment is crucial for determining the extent of tissue removal during surgery. Current methods have limitations, such as disrupting or prolonging the surgery. Resect offers an accurate method for margin assessment that adds no steps or probes to the process.


Every fifth cancer is removed incompletely in the first operation

cancer tissue histology margin

The cause is the inability to detect positive margins during the surgery

cancer recurrance

Positive margins predispose the patient to the recurrence of cancer

Positive margins generate over 3 billion dollars of excess healthcare costs

The solution

Olfactomics Resect analyzes plume generated by an energy device as the surgeon operates, enabling comprehensive margin assessment without additional steps.

The Background

Large body of evidence shows that cancerous tissue has a distinct molecular profile that is reflected to the surgical smoke when tissue is cut.

THE advantages



The device is compatible with different energy instruments, allowing the surgeons to use their preferred instruments.


No additional probes or imaging cabinets needed. Just cut and follow the signal.



Integration to cutting instrument samples the margin comprehensively as the surgeon removes the tumor.



The biological principle is universal to all soft tissue tumors and could be applied to different cancers.