Recovery characteristics of tube materials in relation to combustion products

A research paper from Markus Karjalainen was published in the International Journal for Ion Mobility Spectrometry! In the study, different tubing materials were tested to identify the best materials to be used in DMS.

Recovery times of 7 different tube materials were studied to identify their recovery times, as carry-over can limit the analysis speed of gas analyzers. The materials were studied in two temperatures of 25 °C and 70 °C, with additional test performed for polytetrafluoroethylene in 33, 50, 70, and 100 °C to study the effects of temperature on desorption.

Uncoated steel performed the best in the higher temperature, and no major advantages from the two used coatings (parylene C and Silconert®) were found. Plastics performed suitably in the lower temperature where adsorption exceeds absorption.

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