Detection of cultured breast cancer cells from human tumor-derived matrix by DMS

We recently collaborated with researchers from Tampere University, University of Oulu and University of Helsinki to assess the performance of Differential Mobility Spectrometry in detection of cancer cells. This opens further opportunities in applying IonVision DMS in biotechnology and wetlab applications.

The team studied the DMS detection threshold for cancer cell identification using the cell line BT-474 in tumour microenvironment mimicking matrix Myogel. Sampling was performed with DMS-based laser sampling system ATLAS. Cell densities of 3700 μL−1 and above were detectable using several machine learning methods.

The results suggest that DMS combined with laser desorption can detect low densities of breast cancer cells, at levels clinically relevant for margin detection, from Myogel samples in vitro.

The (open access!) article by Lydia Lindfors & Patrik Sioris can be read here.